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BFSU Accommodation Booking Service

BFSU Accommodation Booking Service is provided by CUCAS, to book accommodation for students during their study in BFSU. This service is mainly based on campus accommodation, but we also offer you some optional hotels around BFSU. Some hotels require the deposit.

In fact, the number of bunks is less than the international students, the university cannot assure each applicant to live on campus. Fortunately, BFSU will give priority to supply dormitory for the students who apply through CUCAS. That is, CUCAS will guarantee the campus accommodation to our applicants.


Accommodation Booking Service Procedure:

Students do:

Here you can check the detailed information of each dorm building:

Type of Accommodation Long-term Student(RMB/day) Short-term Student(RMB/day) Equipped With
Single room (White Building) 60 80
Single room (White Building) 70 90 bathroom
Single room (EOS Building) 70 90
Single room (EOS Building) 90 110 bathroom
Double room (Building 6, Building 7, White Building) 40 50
Flat( EOS Building) 260 280 bathroom, sitting room
Flat(White Building) 260 300 bathroom, sitting room

All the rooms are equipped with air conditioner, TV set, telephone, broadband internet access, desk and chair, bed and bedding.